Environmentalist Sophie Kemp

Actions and decisions have their reasons. Whether it is what you are going to eat today or what your interests are, you think it's the right thing to do. As for decisions, every human being has a different perspective. Your favorite foods may be someone's worst nightmare and your fear may be someone's his, her, their, etc. favorite thing. Your career and job do not only describe who you are, but it also tells you what you think of everything else.
Environmentalist Sophie Kemp believes that animal testing is weakening the environment. Edward Taub, a Neuroscientist who tested on monkeys believed that experimenting on animals may be dangerous to animals but can resolve problems during time. Researchers use animals to help improve advances in scientific understanding, test cosmetics, study diseases, and develop/test potential forms of treatment for humans and for the curiosity of scientists. From the perspective of scientists, many do not realize the effects of their tests. “The amount of energy that is used in animal research facilities is up to ten times the amount of energy used in offices per square meter” (environmental impacts of animal testing) This much of unnecessary amount of chemicals and pollutants float in the air and increase the asthma and cancer in the lungs. Many of these laboratories don’t have a big red sign saying these fumes are extremely dangerous.
Since researchers experiment on innocent animals, 100 millions of animals are abused, burned, crippled, poisoned, and are psychologically traumatized. There are laws like the Animal Welfare Act that covers the “minimum standards of care and treatment to be provided for certain animals bred for commercial sale, used in research, transported commercially, or exhibited to the public.”(The Animal Welfare Act) With such laws, many animals are not covered by it and because of that, Edward Taub was able to continue with his heart aching experiments. Most animals used for animal testing are mice, rats, cows, monkeys, which is not a surprise. However, animals that many humans call pets like cats, dogs, fish, rabbits are used as well. Such animals are experimented on in order to cure a disease or find treatments for deadly human challenges, such as cancer and asthma. It may seem evil but “practically everyday treatment, medical devices, diagnosis tools or cures we have today was developed with the help of lab animals”(animal advances). So, every time you get an antibiotic or chemo, or use your inhaler at least one animal is used to help you.
Vegans, environmentalists, and spokespeople continuously argue how horrible animal testing is stating the numbers of how many animals have been tortured or died and ignore the numbers of how many lives have been saved. With these statistics in mind all bad things have good factors and vise versa. Perspectives are very important in present life, it indicates who each is creating the world we live in. Anyone can claim and support one side but few are afraid to state that the opposing side has a point as well. I’ve found a website Homeworkfor.me. It is a place where you can find synthesis essay topics and inspiration to write your college assignments. There are a lot of templates of assignments that are done by strict academic standards.

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