The Different Sports Fans

Sporting events tend to be very important events held throughout the United States with a wide variety of fans in attendance at all of them. Whether it is a volleyball, basketball, soccer, tennis, or football game, you know the crowd is going to be huge. While players, coaches, and the officials get most of the credit, the fans also should be receiving some credit for adding to the intense atmosphere of the game. There are a variety of fans who go out to support a team, but they all can fall under the four specific types of fans at each sporting event: the casual fan, the real fan, the know-it-all fan, and the crazy fan.
There are many fans that are overly into the games, but there are some who are more laid back. We call these fans the "casual fans" because they sometimes come to games, but do not make an effort to attend all of them. Casual fans are the types of fans who leave early from games if they know their team is going to win or lose before it is over. They do not really care what the outcome of the game will be. Yes, they would love to see their team win, but ultimately the outcome is irrelevant to them. These fans know some of the key players and rules about the game, but do not care enough to know all the players and rules. Casual fans would rather be doing something else other than sitting in the stands watching a sporting event. If they have the chance to watch the game on television or a different show, they are going to pick the show over the game.
While casual fans rarely come to games, there are some fans who make an effort to attend all of the games. Real fans know all the rules, know all the players, even if they do not play much, and never leave a game early, regardless if they are winning or losing by twenty. This type of fan will not argue with the opposing teams’ fans or do anything that might result in them getting kicked out. Even though these fans know everything about the game and everyone playing, they are laid back about it. They are not going to narrate to you everything that is going on because they are simply there to enjoy the game without comment on every action.
The "know-it-all" fan knows everything that involves the stats, players, opposing teams, and the rules of the game. This fan will be the first one to tell you stats about the game and about how well each person did compared to how they normally compete. They will let you know what players you need to watch and keep an eye on because they know they are exceptionally good. These fans will tell you what kind of coach the opposing team has, the plays they run, and the best players on that team. Know-it-all fans will be the first ones to tell you what kind of call the ref is going to make before it even happens. They know all of the rules to the game and will commentate everything that happens throughout the game regardless if you are there watching or not. They may be annoying at times, but they do know their stuff.
The last of the four types of fans are the "crazy fans", also known as the annoying fans. These fans go all out every game and they are wild to say the least. For example, they deck themselves out in their team gear, wear face paint, scream their heads off after every point, and yell at the refs if they make a call that is not in their team’s favor. They make posters for every player as well as cheers and chants the crowd may do throughout the game. These fans are so crazy they bring buckets full of props like wigs, feather scarves, beaded necklaces, and foam fingers for other fans to enjoy. They tend to be the fans that never sit down during the game because they always feel the need to be standing, which might ruin the view for the people behind them, but they do not seem to notice. Even though this type of fan may be thought of as obnoxious, all fans are there for the same core reason.
With a variety of sporting events in the United States, there is always going to be four types of fans throughout the crowds. Whether you yourself are the fan or you are sitting close to the casual fan, real fan, know-it-all fan, or the crazy fan, you know you are going to enjoy the game no matter what the circumstance is. Playing the sport is one thing but watching a team you enjoy is a whole other ball game. is a place where students can have a look at different templates of assignments. You don’t have to pay to use them.

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