Build your own triode vacuum tube

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How did this all start?

The reason for even considering to create a workshop of this type is because a number of people have

expressed great interest in the handmade vacuum tubes that I've constructed over the past several decades.

These tubes were mainly to amuse myself, although I've been in and out of the x-ray tube manufacturing

business since the early 1970's.

For the last 30 years I have been doing consulting work in materials science and have acquired the fabrication hardware and skills needed to design and build instruments and processes that require a high vacuum environment.

I have recently finished a contract to produce a hot filament emitter that was part of a NASA project involving

a low earth orbit debris eliminator. In the course of doing the emitter design and testing it was necessary to

build another small, experimental high vacuum chamber that could be hermetically sealed. By reverse

engineering a 201A receiving tube from ca. 1930 I was able to complete the task.

A couple of friends have again asked if I would show them how to build a working vacuum triode tube. This is when the idea for starting a workshop came to mind. There is not an exceptional amount of skill involved in building a simple vacuum tube, but there is a good deal of specialized equipment and materials needed to get even close to making a good tube.

Having all of the equipment and materials needed to do the job properly, it is reasonable to assume that I can transfer the necessary skills to anyone who is at least capable of replacing a screw on a pair of hinged eye glasses. With this in mind I've chosen to focus my time and resources on making this workshop a successful enterprise.

More information will be available on this website as the project takes shape. Please fill out the information

request on the Contact page to keep updated.

George Schmermund